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Uni Pro™ - Seats with Suspensions

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Uni Pro™ - KM 136 Seat & Air/Mechanical Suspension
SKU: 7776, 7882, 7916, 8188, 8189, 8462, 8721, 8720
From $1,119.00
Uni Pro™ - KM 1003 Seat & Air Suspension
SKU: 8170, 7915
From $1,323.00
Uni Pro™ - KM 336 Seat & Mechanical Suspension
SKU: 7939, 8029, 7997
From $639.00
Uni Pro™ - KM 1061 Seat & Air Suspension
SKU: 8436, 8528, 8553
From $1,539.00
Uni Pro™ - KM 1055 Seat & Air Suspension
SKU: 7922, 8723
From $1,399.00
Uni Pro™ - KM 146 Seat & Mechanical Suspension
SKU: 8694, 8692, 8693
From $499.00

Uni Pro™ Seats Elevate Your Working Experience With an Air or Mechanical Suspension for the Ultimate Ride Comfort

In our Uni Pro™ replacement aftermarket Seats with Suspension line, you'll find seating solutions for Tractors, Combines, Agriculture Equipment, Construction Equipment, Turf Equipment, and more. Find direct fit and universal suspension seats for John Deere® and many other applications. We distribute our KM Uni Pro™ seating solutions from the world's leading seat manufacturers. Make your buying process easier and faster.

Choose from various seats with a 12-Volt air, 24-Volt air, mechanical, or utility semi-mechanical suspension.

High-quality seating solutions manufactured by Concentric, Grammer, KAB, Milsco, Pilot, Sears, Seats Inc, and Wise.

Need help finding the seat you need? Use our Make, Machine, Model search bar above to see if we have the exact seat match for your equipment.