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Backrest Cushion Kits

Update a Worn Out Backrest Cushion today with a high quality cloth or vinyl backrest cushion kit for your Agriculture, Construction, Combine, Tractor or Turf Equipment. Find backrest cushions for seats made by Grammer, KM, KAB, Pilot, Sears, and Seats Inc. Direct fit restoration cushions available for a variety of makes, and Made in USA.

All backrest cushion kits are made for long-lasting durability to keep you working in comfort.

Having trouble finding the cushion you need? Use our Make, Machine, Model search bar above to see if we have the exact match for your equipment.
84 products matching: all
Allis Chalmers D17 Backrest Cushion
SKU: 7046
Only $155.00
KM 136/Grammer 5X1 Backrest Cushions
SKU: 8172, 8151, 8727
From $163.00
KM 20 Low Back Backrest Cushion
SKU: 8401
Only $140.00
KM Grammer 721 Backrest Cushion
SKU: 8655
Only $119.00
Allis Chalmers 210 Backrest Cushions
SKU: 7543, 7029
From $198.00
Allis Chalmers 7001 Backrest Cushions
SKU: 7037, 7038
From $126.00
John Deere Dozer Backrest Cushion
SKU: 7752
Only $147.00
KM 600 Backrest Cushions
SKU: 7757, 7756
From $128.00
KM 722 Backrest Cushions
SKU: 8012, 8688
From $242.00
Massey Ferguson 1105 Backrest Cushion
SKU: 7327
Only $186.00
Case 520 Backrest Cushion
SKU: 7073
Only $103.00
KM 112 Backrest Cushion
SKU: 8407
Only $75.00