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Illuminate Your Path: Discover High-Performance Tiger Lights

Check out our extensive line of Lights! Choose from ATV/UTV LED Lights, LED Beacon Lights, LED Light Bars, LED Lights, LED Tractor or Heavy Equipment Work Lights, Light Accessories (magnets, mounting brackets, etc.), Off-Road LED Lights, Safety Lights, and Warning Lights.

Bring efficiency, durability, visibility, and safety to your work environment. Our extensive line of Tiger Lights features durable die-cast aluminum housing/heatsink and durable polycarbonate lens for long-lasting, high-quality service life.

Save yourself time and money with LED lights. LEDs are extremely energy efficient and offer a dramatic decrease in power costs. LEDs have a long lifespan, dramatically reducing maintenance costs and lowering long-term operating costs.

Need help finding the LED work light you need? Use our Make, Machine, Model search bar above to see if we have the exact lighting match for your equipment.